In his writing, Hassell couples a lifetime spent in the military and law enforcement services with his extensive academic background.

He has authored a number of books covering the history of warfare and politics and celebrating the American tradition.

  • Military High Life (2006)

    Beautifully illustrated with magnificent color photos and gorgeous recipes, this is a fundamental book for anyone who wants to understand the art of military food as it has evolved through history. This book is dedicated to the memory of the brave men and women who have fought our nation’s battles. To honor them, part of the proceeds of this book will be used to feed veterans, so often hungry and homeless. These funds will be administered by the Samaritan Village Veterans Program.

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  • Alliance of Enemies: The Untold Story of the Secret American and German Collaboration to End World War II (2008)

    Tells the thrilling history of the secret WWII relationship bewteen Nazi Germany’s espionage service, the Abwehr, and the American OSS, predecessor of the CIA. A rare glimpse at the very active, if doomed, resistance effort within Germany and its many plots to eliminate Hitler.

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  • In Honor of America (2003)

    This photographic collection of America includes such patriotic scenes as Independence Day in New York, officers practicing military routines, and glorious battleships being paraded home. It also features breathtaking landscapes, like mellow fence-lined dunes, blossoming meadows, and distant mountains.

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  • Strike Force: U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations (1992)

    An unparalleled view of the shadowy world of counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and urban warfare.

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  • Warriors (1989)

    Photos and text depict the proud combat history and tradition of the U.S. Marine Corps. Hassell spent eight years participating alongside Marines to capture the essence of this elite force. Coauthored with Keith Crossley.

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  • West Point (2002)

    Since its establishment in 1802, the United States Military Academy at West Point has prepared officers to lead the armed forces of the world’s greatest democracy. This book is a magnificent illustrated tribute to the institution’s two hundred years of tradition. Coauthor Herm Dillon.

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