Belleau Wood Project

The battle at Belleau Wood in France in the summer of 1918 was a pivotal event in forming the modern day Marine Corps. Rooted in his extensive study of the battlefield, Agostino von Hassell’s articles and photographs cover its history and its importance to the present. He is currently working on a book exploring the Belleau Wood battle.

Belleau Wood – From the German Perspective

90 Years Later – Belleau Wood Revisited

Belleau Wood – Seventy Years Later

Belleau Wood and the Marines

Devil Dogs – Belleau Wood, France, 1918

The Crucible of the Modern Marine Corps

Belleau Wood – A Battlefield Tour

Photos of Belleau Wood

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Agostino von Hassell works on projects of both current affairs interest as well as of historical interest. Here are some examples.

A Bloody Brawl – Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, 1943

Parris Island: Scared Recruits Trained to Kill

Beirut 1983: Have we Learned This Lesson?

Comparative Policing – The Struggle for Democratization

Based on his research for Alliance of Enemies, Agostino von Hassell prepared this special lecture on the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe, specifically in Germany. He presented it at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City in March 2008.
Modern Anti-Semitism in Germany

Agostino von Hassell was deeply engaged in German politics between 1971 and 1973, working on the development of peace treaties with the then Soviet Union as well as with Poland. His vocal support those treaties resulted in his expulsion from the Christian Democratic Union. This remains his only political work, but it is indicative of the continuing lack of political openness in post-war Germany.

Agostino von Hassell’s articles target topics important to current affairs as well as of historical interest. A few of the more recently published include:

Die Forderung nach Waffenstillstandin Vietnam war der CDU zuviel

Unser Porträt – Agostino von Hassell

Von Hassell darf in der CDU bleiben